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I have no idea if this is a limited time program or what but I just had this info passed to me, and figured I should pass it forward.






"Hi, wanna be our bitch for 7 percent revenue share?"


In the world of pony media, there are different levels and groups of people. There’s the Sethistos who have real power and don’t give a shit, there’s the Drafts who have no real power and are crazy about it, and there’s the HNs who are just here for the booze. Recently, a new mutation on pony media tried to lodge itself into the fandom, like a tumor, sucking off the healthy (in our case we’ll put quotes around “healthy”) cells around it. It’s name “The Pony News Network” or “PNN” (Or “Brony Network” depending on the day).

What have they done? Not as much as they want to do if you don’t stop them now.

So what exactly IS the “Pony Network”? To put it simply; it’s a pyramid scheme that only exists to try and make money off of ad revenue by leeching off of existing pony fan’s Youtube accounts, in exchange for being part of the “Brony Network”. All of that would be fine…if it weren’t a total sham.
The “Brony Network" aka The Pony Network, aka PNN, started up just a few months ago. Their main Youtube account has a grand total of 24 followers. Their main twitter account has…8 followers. And their “news” site has exactly one post made on it since July.  To give themselves the perception of popularity and control, The Pony Network has recently acquired (likely PURCHASED) over 13 Thousand Fake Twitter followers for their PN twitter account. At the time we ran a Twitter audit, the account had next 0 legitimate followers. 
So, now you’re wondering why Horse News CARES about what is clearly a failure of a project. For lack of a better term, because of the extortion and blackmail allegedly taking place behind the scenes, and according to a source who was contacted about the startup, because the owner of BronyNetwork is attempting to gain a “monopoly over the fandom”.
 Also the fact that the people behind it are trying to both edge out and simultaneously partner up with the likes of Everfree Network and Ponyville Live (both of whom have reportedly rejected them due to shadiness). 
The Pony Network came to EFN and PVL offering “partnerships” to work together to share ad revenue generated by pony youtube videos. They are reportedly a subset of "Showcase Edit" which does the exact same thing but on a larger scale. Now, anyone who has ever tried to monetize youtube knows that ad revenue is virtually zilch anyway. But PN wants to divide the profits with a tiny fraction going to the partners, a fraction going to themselves, and another chunk going to Showcase Edit.
They were turned down, because why would any account with ~30 Thousand subscribers share ad revenue with a “network” that only has 24 subscribers? Yeah even Draft isn’t THAT stupid. 
So who WOULD join up with this “Youtube Network”.
Well apparently Brony Aerospace who has “shit on everybody” “enough to blackmail them into partnering”. That’s right folks, the Brony Network plans on using the people at Brony Aerospace to BLACKMAIL youtubers into joining the network and giving up big percentages of their ad revenue.
But don’t just take our word for it, have a listen to some recordings of an actual skype call with the head of the Brony Network "BronySinc". (This recording was made in a one-party consent state, meaning that only one of the people in the call needed to know it was being recorded).
The full recording is too long (~an hour) so we spared you a lot of awkward silence and mundane shit.

"Brony Aerospace has enough contacts to get us the big big Youtubers. Basically they have shit on everybody and that’s enough to blackmail them into partnering with us." - BronySinc

This is what is taking place.

"Basically hold a monopoly on all the fandoms in the world"

That is some evil empire level shit right there.

Along with that We have founding partner Omnipony. Well we don’t officially have him, there’s a dirty deal going right now and we’re gonna get him.”

Jesus, this guy has never heard of subtlety or tact has he?


So there you have it folks, damning evidence of almost unheard of levels of underhanded bullshit. Blackmailing Omnipony? Trying to conquer “all the fandoms in the world”? All for the MONEY no less? And clearly BronyAerospace is just as much to blame here as the rest.


Who else is in on this treacherous guild? Apparently Raborn, the convention chair for DerpyCon South, who recently had a dispute over recording between PNN and PVL. It is unknown how many bronies and groups are in on the conspiracy, but we do know that they were rejected by PVL. Apparently Silver Eagle was NOT willing to be their “bitch for 7 percent revenue share”.

We do not know what is being used to blackmail Omni (~44 Thousand Subscribers) into joining this group, but we do wish him the best luck.

To Derpycon South, Brony Aerospace, and The Brony Network at large: you’ve been caught.

To the fandom at large: do not let the cancerous likes of these people take your fandom from you.

holy fucking shit guys

Zoikees! And they would have gotten away with it if its wasn’t for those meddling reporters!

Is this even really real


brainy-twilight asked:

Guh. Meant to put this in the previous question: What do you think Little Pip would do in OWB?

asklittlepip answered:

Probably very much the same things, but with an emphasis on getting her body parts back ASAP. This is one of those things that I have a difference with Littlepip in regards to identity; I consider the mind to be the only really important aspect to what defines a person, with the sum total of the body being of far less value. Of course, humans are unlike ponies in that we don’t have super strength (Earth Ponies), wings (Pegasi) or magical horns (unicorns), so that’s as much a cultural difference as it is a physical one.

We both agree that one’s identity is a very important life aspect, it’s just that we look at it from different perspectives. If I was actually living in Equestria, well, my view might line up more with hers, but as it stands, I look forward to a time when we as a species can transcend the limits of our frail physical forms.

tl;dr: Mostly the same, just that she’d try and get “back to normal” as quickly and as completely as possible.




Not so cute now.

Yes, and a unicorn who knows what they’re doing can stop blood flow to your brain.  A pegasus with a large enough, black enough cloud can fry you with a single bolt of lightning.  A fair number of earth ponies have the strength to kick someone’s head clean off their shoulders.  So?  The ability to kill isn’t what makes a creature evil.  It’s the willingness to kill that does it. 

My recommendation was to get reformed changelings to deal with the unreformed ones.  That’s still viable.  If there are no reformed hiveminds then you pick one and apply every bit of psychology you can bring to bear in order to reform it…or just blast it with the elements of harmony/rainbow power.  That’s what a sensible government would do.  I have no idea what the Princesses are like in your world.